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Historic Mural Capital of Wisconsin since August 2005.

#5 Railroad Mural
306 West 3rd Street

(Question #15) The railroad mural is just one of many projects in the area which honors the honest work done by simple honest people who would normally go unrecognized. This time it is railroad workers. Actual people who in some way, shape, or form were connected with the railroad industry will be depicted beside two 1960s-era here for map Treasure map

#6 Aviation, 1920s Jazz Era & Schiller’s Shoe Store Mural
313 West Main Street

(Question #16) This mural celebrates Ashland’s early aviation history, its jazz past, as well as the Schiller’s Shoe Store, which was located in the store it is painted on. click here for map Treasure map

#7 Storefront Mural
320 West Main Street

(Question #18) A compilation of various Ashland storefronts from the early 1900’s. click here for map Treasure map

#8 Lumberjack Mural
401 West Main Street

(Question #17) The Lumberjack Mural depicts the men (and one rare woman) of Ashland’s lumber era, when the work day was from 4 am until dark, first freeze to first thaw. An average day’s work for a pair of “sawyers” was 100 pine logs, at $1.00 a day. In 1893, 10,000 lumberjacks worked in the logging camps to supply Ashland’s 10 sawmills. click here for map Treasure map

#9 Veterans Mural
420 West Main Street

(Question #19) Honoring the Ashland area military men and women. click here for map Treasure map

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